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Questions and Answers Tie knots in the leg support straps?

One of the slings I use has leg support straps that are too long to allow sufficient functional lifting height. Is it permissible to tie knots in the leg support straps to make them shorter?

"If the sling’s overall height* is too high, shorten the strap length to enable a higher lifting height under the patient’s seat. The strap length is normally shortened by connecting the inner leg support loop instead of the normal strap loop to the slingbar. This reduces the sling’s overall height by about half the length of the smaller strap loop. This procedure should be tested during trial fitting.

With long-term use of shorter strap loops, we recommend that a knot be tied on each leg support strap; this way, seam wear is prevented and the outer strap loops can be hooked to the slingbar. Normally, at most two knots can be tied on each leg support strap.

Best results are achieved if the upper loop straps (near the shoulders) are also knotted. This will help to maintain the intended geometry and fit of the sling. If only the leg supports are shortened, the patient will achieve a more reclined seated posture.

Another way to increase the lifting height is to choose a sling that is designed for a lower overall height, for example, Universal Sling Mod. 02 with extra lifting height. Liko can also manufacture special-order slings with custom strap loop lengths to enable the correct lifting height.

* The sling’s overall height is the height required by the sling during a lift; i.e., the distance from the slingbar hooks to the lower edge of the patient’s seat."


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