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Likorall Quick-Release Hook Carriage

The new Quick-Release Hook Carriage for Likorall is simple to use and provides for planned transfer of lift motors without the need for tools. For you as a client this means the possibility to choose an overall solution with fewer motors and consequently lower overall cost.

With the new Quick-Release Hook Carriage, we can together create a solution adapted to the needs of your organization. You can simply choose to install rail systems in all rooms, while installing overhead lift motors only in some of them. This way you have the freedom to change your system concurrently with the shifting needs of your organization. The possibility of planned transfer means that you can have a lift motor in different rooms at different times. This can also be practical in short-term accommodations, for instance, or for palliative care.

A solution with Likorall and Quick-Release Hook Carriage should not be compared with a traditional portable lift, such as the Multirall. If you regularly need lifts in several places and fixed installations in all rooms, portable overhead lifts or mobile lifts may be a better solution.

Should the need increase, and you need lifts in all rooms, completing the rail systems with more lift motors is easy.

The lift motor is easily connected by the staff, without the need for tools.

Quick-Release Hook Carriage is compatible with all Likorall models and can also be installed on older rail systems from Liko.

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